INDEX of AntiCancer websites:
INDEX of AntiCancer websites:
         Introduction to AntiCancer Inc.
“The pioneer of the MetaMouse® model”

AntiCancer Inc. is the foremost pre-clinical cancer contract research organization and has been in business since 1984.  AntiCancer offers orthotopic proteins [click here MetaMouse® Customized Services] and subcutaneous mouse models of all cancer types.  More than 100 models are available, all imageable with fluorescent proteins [click here for a bibliography of AntiCancer’s MetaMouse® model publications].

The AntiCancer team:

The AntiCancer team of twenty scientists is lead by Robert M. Hoffman, a world-leading cancer researcher [click here for Dr. Hoffman’s CV]. 
· The AntiCancer team has unique skills in mouse models of cancer and their use in in vivo drug screening, evidenced by over 700 scientific publications and 175 world-wide patents 
· AntiCancer has performed over 500 contract research projects for pharma, biotech and academia
· Dr. Hoffman was awarded the Sun Lee Prize in 2016 by the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery for the AntiCancer team’s development of it’s MetaMouse® orthotopic models

What we can do for you:

· Assist in model choice:  orthotopic or subcutaneous, xenograft or syngeneic
· Carry out your drug efficacy study with imageable endpoints of tumor growth, metastasis as well as survival
· Help you write and publish your paper [click here for a bibliography of publications AntiCancer wrote with it’s customers
· Help you write your grant application and serve as a grant subcontractor
· We have helped many clients successfully apply for grants
· AntiCancer has received over 40 grants itself and has much experience in grant writing and applications
· AntiCancer has been designated as a “Success Story” by the National Cancer Institute [click here]

Cancer Xenograft Efficacy Models:

· All models are imageable
· Clinically-relevant orthotopic (literally “correct place”) tumor models (tumors implanted onto the organs of where the tumor originated)
· AntiCancer’s orthotopic models metastasize in the clinical pattern for each tumor type
· Subcutaneous xenograft models
· A choice of more than 100 cancer cell lines [click here] including the NCI-60 cancer cell line panel
· The cell lines have been characterized in-house for tumorigenicity and metastasis
· Patient-derived orthotopic xenograft (PDOX) models from multiple tumor types available
· PDOX models are orthotopic and metastasize, in contrast to subcutaneous PDX models
· Client-produced cell lines for your in vivo studies
· Models of every cancer type for your in vivo studies
· Metastatic models - all orthotopic models metastasize
· Syngeneic models, including B16 melanoma, Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC), 4T1 breast cancer, CT26 colon cancer and PAN02 pancreatic cancer in immunocompetent mice


AntiCancer can help you obtain high-quality, meaningful and publishable data from every study.  Endpoints in oncology studies include:

· Tumor size reduction and regression - data available in real-time with imaging with resolution of a single cancer cell in vivo [click here for a bibliography of AntiCancer’s imaging publications].
· Tumor growth delay or regression
· Decrease or elimination of metastasis - data are available with real-time imaging
· Drug effects on host and tumor
· Increase in overall survival and disease-free survival
· Changes in biomarkers