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Bone metastases

Bone metastases
Skull (a) and rib (b) metastases of PC-3-GFP human prostate carcinoma growing orthotopically in nude mouse.

Skeletal metastasis of B16-GFP mouse melanoma in nude mouse

Skeletal metastases of H460-GFP human lung cancer orthotopically growing in nude mouse tibia (a), skull (b) and femur ( c )

Liver metastases
Colon cancer, human. AC 3488-GFP-tumor growing on colon and metastasized to liver and lymph nodes of nude mouse. Whole-body image. Primary tumor - red arrow, liver metastases - white arrow, lymph node - yellow arrow.  

Pancreas, human. BxPC-3 pancreatic carcinoma growing pancreas with liver and spleen metastasis. Whole-body image. White arrow - primary tumor, red arrow - spleen metastasis, yellow arrow - liver metastasis. 

Lung metastases
Melanoma, human. Human LOX-1-GFP melanoma metastasized to lung  

 MDA MB 435-GFP with lung metastases

Lung metastases 



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